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‘Salty Dog’ Whole Home Renovation
Georgie Award Finalist: Best Residential Renovation / Best Kitchen Renovation

It’s Time To Freshen Up Your Home

Update The Exterior Or Interior Of Your Home, Or Add A New Addition

There are parts of your home that you never want to change. 

But there are just as many that you think desperately need a revamp.

West Coast Dream Homes doesn’t do small-scale renos, but we’re ready to work on any large-scale changes you have in mind.

Maple Ridge Home Renovations
‘All Grown Up’ Great Room / Kitchen / Pantry Renovation
Havan Award Finalist – Best Kitchen Renovation $75k-$125k
Full Exterior Redo

The inside of your home is how you want it, but the outside needs some work.

We can enhance the curb appeal of your home (residing, new doors, etc.) and jazz up your outdoor living space.

Addition Installation

You currently have no space for that greenhouse you’ve been dreaming of.

Or maybe you want a new room for all of your creative outlets, such as sewing, or maybe sculpting.

Adding an addition to your home is a big job, and we love doing it.

Full Interior Redo

Maybe your main floor is a bit dated. Carpet everywhere, worn out cabinetry, old appliances.

Or perhaps you want a breathtaking master bedroom with a super soaker tub, adjacent to a large study with a window seat.

Either way, we can completely change the interior of your existing home.

Here’s Our 7-Step Renovation Process

Excited to start freshening up your home? Let’s talk!

Give us a call or email us to get things rolling. This is where you tell us what you’re envisioning. Are you wanting to change the interior of your home? Add an addition?

We ask:

  • What don’t you like about the current state of your home?
  • Do you have an idea what this will cost you?


We also discuss industry myths and why certain things have certain price tags

After our initial conversation, we meet on-site so you can see something in progress. Get a feel for the type of work we do.

Camilla, our designer, will head this meeting with you, and ask plenty more questions so we can have a feel for what you’re looking for.

The moment you say, “let’s do this,” we dive into preparation.

Here are some of the things we’ll be asking from you in the very beginning:

  • Pictures, pictures, pictures. When you sift through pages of Pinterest-perfect homes, what features shine to you? Do you want:
    • A cupboard under the stairs?
    • Window seats scattered throughout the house?
    • A kitchen with wooden countertops?
  • What’s your budget?


All of this information keeps us proactive. Important decisions are made weeks in advance of the actual renovation.

Here are the 3 ladies in charge of your renovation:

  1. Camilla – the matriarch of the company, Camilla’s sharp mind and attention to detail guarantees a home design that’s the living embodiment of your dream.
  2. Michelle – another incredible mind that puts her all into your design. She works alongside Camilla to create a budget around your home, from building and hiring contractors to planning materials.
  3. Ella – our insanely talented architect, who’s in charge of creating the constructional blueprint for your design


Your proposal package includes:

  • A thorough design
  • An itemized material list
  • The total cost of everything (material acquisition, contractors, build)

You have the proposal in your hands. You’ve accepted it. Now it’s time for the really fun part – shopping. We take you to our wholesalers and show you everything that fits within your budget. You have a specific allowance for each material (which we calculated against your budget).

Now, it’s important to note that you can change your mind about ANYTHING at this stage. If you decide to upgrade something, we simply let you know the change in cost. 

Say we budgeted for an average toilet, but you want something fancier. If your budget was originally $100,000, and the new toilet puts you to $100,1000, we communicate this to you. Then it’s up to you if you still want the upgrade or not.

The design isn’t 100% concrete at this stage. As we shop for your home’s materials, you can adjust things as you go. For instance, if the design calls for 3 large lights over your kitchen island but you found a smaller light you absolutely love, we can shift the design so there are 5 small lights instead.

You also receive real-time advice from us as we shop, on your home’s style, how things will fit, and the overall picture that you’re aiming for.

Are the design and materials approved by you? Excellent. Time to put our contractors in action and get to building.

After around 2-5 months, your renovation is complete!

‘Modern Family’ Whole Home Renovation
Georgie Award Finalist – Best Residential Renovation: $100k – $299k
Ovation Award Finalist – Best Renovation: $200k – $399k
Ovation Award Finalist – Best Kitchen & Great Room

Not Sure If You Can Blow Out That Wall,
Add On A New Section To Your Home
Or Raise Your Roof?

Sometimes renovations aren’t possible for your property.

And sometimes they don’t add value, which means you’re not going to see that money come back if you decide to sell.

Call us to figure out if a renovation is the best option for you.

We’re happy to sit down and talk it through!

‘Downsizers Dream’ Whole Apartment Renovation

The Difference Between Our Price
& The Retail Pricea

Still on the fence about building your custom home without a design team?

Here’s another perk to working with West Coast Dream Homes:

All materials you purchase for your home are at our wholesale discount when you buy them through us.

That’s right. It’s considerably more expensive to go the retail route.

Hold On!
What If I End Up Under-Budget?

Sometimes the materials you go for are cheaper than the ones we planned to use – which means the overall cost of your home falls under your proposed budget.

If this happens, we receive a credit that can apply for when you choose something that goes OVER the budget.

At the end of the day, if you still haven’t used your whole budget, you get to keep the remaining funds.